The icon, comes from the flower world pansy, nickname “face, iris, crispy noodles, cat face flower”,

English name “Heartsease”.

Who are we?

CPRO BEAUTY, affiliated to Guangzhou Cpro Trading Company, is founded in 2009. It is committed to operate the international first-line perfume, make-up and skin care brand business. After ten years of deep cultivation, CPRO BEAUTY has became one of the leading companies in China’s international fashion brand marketing management with its modern brand management model, keen market touch and innovative business strategy.


CPRO Advantage

With its modern brand management model, keen market sense, and innovative business strategies.

Combined with the international line brand advantage in CS channel show adequately perfume category value.

Business for many years the rapid development, the company sales network all over China in 16 provinces and cities, more than 218 major cities more than 4000 outlets.